error_descriptiontrueThere has been an error in the configuration of your application.
status_codetrueThe status code of the error encountered in Connect
error_messagetrueThe error message seen by the user
Example redirect uri
HTTP/1.1 302 Found

On redirect, Connect will return the status code and message of the error that they encountered. This will be triggered if:

  • A user tried to directly navigate to a page that is past their current step in Connect (ie. going directly from the Preamble screen to the Permission Grants screen by directly going to
  • A user is trying to use Single Select in live mode with a test mode VIN or with a simulated VIN in a non-simulated mode.
  • A user is trying to use Single Select with an invalid mock VIN.
  • A validation error occurs when trying to check compatibility by VIN.

These cases will trigger the following error and give the user the ability to “Exit” Connect.

Error Page