Car sharing

Boost car rentals with contactless pickup

Deliver the fastest, safest, and most seamless peer-to-peer car sharing experience with Smartcar’s APIs.

Contactless pickup

With Smartcar’s technology, vehicle owners and renters no longer have to meet up in person. Instead, renters can locate and unlock cars directly via your app.

Digital car keys

Smartcar’s digital car key solution lets renters unlock the doors to their rental vehicles with their phones. Renters don’t need to use lockboxes or meet car owners to exchange keys.

Automatic fuel & mileage check

At the end of each rental, automatically check whether renters exceeded the mileage limit or returned the car with an empty tank. Vehicle owners don’t need to collect this information.

Turo mobile app showing a Turo Go lock/unlock button, the location, and pickup/return instructions for an Audi A4 vehicle

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Optimize your car sharing business

Quick onboarding

Onboard car owners in just a few clicks from any mobile or web app, so new hosts can rent their vehicles quickly.

Instant booking

Let verified renters browse, book, and pick up vehicles instantly through your car sharing app.

Increased rentals

Allow car owners to rent vehicles anytime and anywhere, thanks to contactless pickups and keyless entry.

Quickly go to market & scale

Integrate with 37 car brands

Integrate with 37 car brands

Smartcar’s platform allows you to integrate with all major vehicle brands in a single engineering effort. Your app will automatically be compatible with new brands as they go live.

Offer safe & secure rentals

Offer safe & secure rentals

Smartcar offers the most secure contactless car sharing solution on the market. Our SSL/TLS-encrypted APIs communicate directly with the embedded cellular modem built into most vehicles.

Scale your business

Scale your business

Our technology doesn’t require any aftermarket hardware or lockboxes. It instantly adapts to your business needs and allows you to grow your services efficiently and cost-effectively.

What our customers say

“Smartcar is empowering us to launch the next generation of car sharing software. In a few years, every new car will feature built-in APIs. Smartcar is our one-stop solution to communicate with all of these cars in a single integration.”

Dominik Bartenstein

CEO and CTO at Zemtu

“With Smartcar, we found the perfect partner to help us deliver our vision of making vehicle rentals contactless and convenient.”

Biswajit Kundu Roy

CEO at Coastr

“Smartcar is making it easier than ever for us to build new and innovative mobility experiences with connected vehicles.”

Andre Haddad

CEO at Turo