Plans to launch and scale

Whether you’re running a new mobility startup or a Fortune 500 company, our pricing plans are designed to grow with your business needs.



per month

3 vehicles

50 API calls/vehicle



per month

100 vehicles

200 API calls/vehicle

Most popular



per month

Unlimited vehicles

500 API calls/vehicle



Volume commitments

Unlimited vehicles

High API call volumes

Are you an early-stage startup?

Our Garage Program offers select early-stage startups the resources to take their first app into production. Once you get accepted to the program, we will provide you with free API calls across 30 vehicles for two months. Our team will also offer 1:1 support and access to our test fleet.

To qualify, your startup needs to be founded less than two years ago, have raised under $2 million in funding, and employ less than ten people. Only new customers can apply.


All real vehicles to which your application makes at least one successful API request during the current billing month count towards your usage.

Successful API requests to all Smartcar vehicle endpoints count towards your monthly usage. All API endpoints except the All Vehicles, Application Permissions, and Disconnect endpoints are Smartcar vehicle endpoints.