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Secure EV telematics for your distributed energy programs

Smartcar is a trusted and vetted EV integration vendor for distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS) and virtual power plant (VPP) providers. We strengthen utility and energy retailer programs across North America and Europe with powerful EV integrations, consent management, and data security. 

Build trust with EV owners

Smartcar helps EV drivers take charge of their home energy management and save energy costs with powerful direct EV integrations, easy onboarding, and data-sharing transparency. 

DERMS and VPP providers use our APIs to enable flexible and personalized managed EV charging programs using accurate state of charge data and remote start and stop charging. Increase program enrollment and engagement with consent-based data collection that removes dependencies on complex charging hardware. 


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Download our vendor evaluation guide

This guide aims to help utilities and energy retailers engage and evaluate EV telematics vendors, ensuring maximum alignment with infrastructure budgets, security compliance, market demand, and decarbonization targets. 

Scale utility programs with a secure EV integration API

Smartcar goes above and beyond simply building EV integrations. We provide teams with robust features that protect utilities and their DERMS and VPP providers from security risks, API errors, and service downtime. 

EV owners are in control: Smartcar ensures transparency by prioritizing consent management. All Smartcar-powered managed charging programs enable your customers to review permissions, empowering them to easily make informed decisions regarding their energy management. 

Privacy is protected: Smartcar does not retain vehicle data, ensuring data privacy. We employ advanced encryption (AES-256) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to safeguard data in-transit. Additionally, Smartcar is ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 compliant, holds a SOC 2 Type 2 certification, complies with GDPR regulations, and operates a Vulnerability Disclosure Program for security researchers.

What our customers say

“Thanks to Smartcar's integration, our smart energy management app, ALICE, can seamlessly support over 60 EV models.”

Dr. Irene Di Martino

CEO at Amp X

“Smartcar has enabled us to level up our EV Managed Charging platform for electric utilities by filling an important technology gap — connecting to the vehicle.”

Abhay Gupta

CEO and co-founder at Bidgely

The Smartcar API in action

Interoperability is the new clean energy standard. 

Smartcar gives utilities and energy retailers the technology to empower customers with more energy management options, allowing them to build a cleaner grid without compromising comfort, convenience, and security. Retrieve accurate and timely directly with customer vehicles using only software so you can design programs that effectively incentivize drivers to shift charging patterns according to grid demand and the availability of renewable energy sources. 

With Smartcar as the vendor of choice for your DERMS and VPP provider, implement a consumer-driven program designed to unlock more participation and higher satisfaction. 

One car API for 36 brands


Retrieve state of charge data directly from vehicles and enable proactive actions like start and stop charge or setting charge limits. Work with timely data that cannot be tampered with or impacted by incorrect installation or poor connectivity. 


No hardware

Scale programs without worrying about steep learning curves or driver access to the right EV charging hardware. Onboard drivers via Smartcar, reducing investments in driver-facing customer support and on-site installations.


Build a powerful application experience by allowing consumers to connect their EVs. Give drivers the ability to tailor program needs according to their lifestyle. 

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