Before launching your integration, use Smartcar’s test mode to quickly test your application on a test vehicle. Test mode will return randomized data for every API request. If you prefer to control the vehicle type and receive consistent data in API responses, consider using Smartcar’s Vehicle Simulator instead.

Test successful API requests

1. Enabling test mode

When launching Smartcar Connect, pass in the query parameter mode=test to enable test mode. Smartcar’s SDKs provide a convenient option to facilitate this:

const client = new smartcar.AuthClient({
  clientId: CLIENT_ID,
  clientSecret: CLIENT_SECRET,
  redirectUri: REDIRECT_URI,
  mode: 'test',

2. Log into a test mode connected services account

Click on any vehicle brand and log in with any email address ( and any password.

3. Send an API request to the test mode vehicle

Our API will return randomized data for each vehicle endpoint. See our API reference to learn more about the randomized data you should expect. If you use Single Select, use the below VIN and make a request as follows.

const scope = ["read_vehicle_info"]
const options = singleSelect: {vin: '0SCAUDI037A5ADB1C'}
authUrl = client.getAuthUrl(scope, options);

Test successful API requests with specific VINs

If you need a test vehicle with a specific VIN, you can still use test mode. When logging into a test mode connected services account (step 2 above), follow this format for the email address:

<VIN>@<compatibility level>

VIN: This can be any 17-character alphanumeric string. Note: This string does not need to be a real VIN. Smartcar does not perform any VIN-specific validations.

Compatibility level: This string determines which permissions the test mode vehicle is capable of. The following table contains all valid compatibility levels and their corresponding permissions:

Compatibility levelPermissions
compatible OR phevAll permissions
incompatibleNo permissions
fuelPermissions that apply to a gasoline vehicle
bevPermissions that apply to a battery-electric vehicle

To use Single Select in test mode with a specific VIN, follow step 3 above and replace the Smartcar-provided VIN with the VIN of your choice. Then follow the email format <VIN>@<compatibility level> using the same VIN.

Test with multiple vehicles

In some cases, you may want to test the Connect flow with an account that has more vehicles than our default test accounts to help ensure your application is paginating and fetching data for a large number of vehicles correctly. You can do this with the following email format in Test mode and any password:


Number: Any number from 1-999. Smartcar will show this many vehicles on the permission grant screen and return this many vehicles from the /vehicles endpoint, with pagination.