This is where, for example, you have been allocated 500 api calls / vehicle / month, but you made the 501st to a single vehicle during a billing period. If you are still in development and are on a Scale or Enterprise plan, please reach out to and we’ll work with you to raise these limits while you are still testing.


You have exceeded you allocated number of connected vehicles. Please disconnect some vehicles and reach out to to clear the violation.

Rate Limit


Your application is making too frequent requests to Smartcar. By default you have a bucket of 120 requests that refills at a rate of 2 requests per minute i.e. you could open 120 connections to Smartcar, but would need to wait 30 seconds to open up the 121st. If you think you should be allowed to make more frequent requests please reach out to or your dedicated Customer Success Manager and we’ll help resolve the issue!


As of March 2023, Smartcar has a per vehicle rate limit in place to prevent excessive vehicle requests that could:

  • Lead to 12v battery drain
  • Trigger UPSTREAM:RATE_LIMIT errors that prevent you from making requests for a longer period of time.
  • Overwhelm a vehicle’s telematics unit leading to more frequent UPSTREAM errors.

Please see the retry-after header (seconds) for when to retry the request.


We’ll return this error if you hit an OEM’s rate limit. For the best coverage we recommend polling once every 30 mins across all brands.