Before making a live request to a real vehicle, use our testing framework to test your application.

Smartcar's test mode allows you to use our API on one of our simulated vehicles.

You can test your app on Smartcar without access to a real vehicle - at no cost!

In test mode, you can send API requests to simulated vehicles. Requests to our API will return randomized data.

  1. /odometer returns a random value between 10,000 and 300,000 km
  2. /location returns a random location boxed in Colorado
  3. /security always returns a success status

How to use test mode

  1. When redirecting to Connect, pass in the query parameter mode=test. If you are using an SDK, use the test_mode boolean when instantiating the Smartcar authentication client.
  2. Click on any vehicle brand.
  3. Use any email address ( with any password to log into a simulated vehicle for the chosen vehicle brand.