Connect Match

Connect Match lets developers limit users to only authorizing a single vehicle during Smartcar Connect. Connect Match is one of our many Pro plan features.

Connect Match

When going through Connect, users are allowed to select multiple vehicles for authorization by default. By using Connect Match and setting the single_select parameter to true, developers can limit users to selecting only one vehicle.

Single select grant page example

Connect Match with VIN

If your application is collecting the VINs of vehicles, and you want a user to link one specific vehicle to your app through Connect, you can pass that vehicle's VIN into the single_select_vin parameter in additional to setting single_select to true. Connect will conduct a compatibility check to make sure that the vehicle is compatible with the requested permissions. If the vehicle is compatible, Connect will allow the user to authorize only that specific vehicle. If the vehicle is incompatible, Connect will return the vehicle_incompatible error back to your application.

Single select with VIN grant page example

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