You can use Smartcar’s test mode to test the following v1.0 errors. For a full list of v1.0 errors, see our API reference.
  1. vehicle_owner_action_required: This error occurs when a user has either changed the password of their connected services subscription or their subscription has expired. You should prompt your user to take the necessary action.
  2. vehicle_state_error: This error occurs when a vehicle is unable to perform the request in its current state. For example, the vehicle might be outside of a cellular coverage area or the vehicle’s doors might stand open while a lock request is initiated. See the error codes below for a detailed list of all possible scenarios. Depending on the scenario, you should try sending another request at a later time or prompt your user to take the necessary action.

To test these errors, launch Smartcar Connect in test mode and log in with one of the following emails and any password. Then make a request to any non-static vehicle endpoints (all endpoints under the /vehicles resource, excluding the VIN, vehicle attributes, and application permissions endpoints).

ErrorError codeDescriptionEmailVIN
vehicle_owner_action_requiredVOA_000Vehicle authentication failed. Please prompt the vehicle owner to log in again using Connect.smartcar@voa-000.vehicle-owner-action-required.com0SCLR0002EDAB90A7
vehicle_owner_action_requiredVOA_001Connected services subscription invalid or expired. Please prompt the vehicle owner to reactivate their subscription.smartcar@voa-001.vehicle-owner-action-required.com0SCLR0002AB072EEA
vehicle_state_errorVS_000Vehicle state cannot be determined.smartcar@vs-000.vehicle-state-error.com0SCLR000292E53813
vehicle_state_errorVS_001Some of the vehicle's doors are open.smartcar@vs-001.vehicle-state-error.com0SCLR00022F1A83F5
vehicle_state_errorVS_002Some of the vehicle's trunks are open.smartcar@vs-002.vehicle-state-error.com0SCLR00028D1AA6DF
vehicle_state_errorVS_003The vehicle's hood is open.smartcar@vs-003.vehicle-state-error.com0SCLR00023CEF5947
vehicle_state_errorVS_004Charging plug is not connected to the vehicle.smartcar@vs-004.vehicle-state-error.com0SCLR00029791CB6E
vehicle_state_errorVS_005Vehicle is fully charged.smartcar@vs-005.vehicle-state-error.com0SCLR00028E2B3371
vehicle_state_errorVS_006Vehicle is asleep.smartcar@vs-006.vehicle-state-error.com0SCLR0002AA9CB061
vehicle_state_errorVS_007Vehicle is offline.smartcar@vs-007.vehicle-state-error.com0SCLR0002A6C372CE
vehicle_state_errorVS_008Vehicle's ignition is switched on.smartcar@vs-008.vehicle-state-error.com0SCLR0002DF536788
vehicle_state_errorVS_009Vehicle is moving.smartcar@vs-009.vehicle-state-error.com0SCLR0002DDE8143E
vehicle_state_errorVS_010Remote access is disabled.smartcar@vs-010.vehicle-state-error.com0SCLR0002F4430962
vehicle_state_errorVS_011Vehicle is charging.smartcar@vs-011.vehicle-state-error.com0SCLR00020BE369BC