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Connect Direct

If you know the make of the vehicle(s) your user wants to link to your app through Smartcar Connect, you can use Connect Direct. It will let you remove the car brand selection screen and simplify the onboarding experience for your user. Connect Direct is one of our many Connect Pro features.

Typically, when a user goes through Smartcar Connect, they are first asked to select the brand of their vehicle from a list of makes. Once the user selects a brand, Connect prompts them to log in with the username and password of their connected services account.

Normal Smartcar Connect Flow

If you already know the brand of the vehicle that the user wants to link to your app, you can use Connect Direct to simplify the onboarding experience. To use Connect Direct, pass the vehicle's make into the make parameter when creating your redirect URI. Now, when your user goes through Smartcar Connect, they will not see the car brand selection screen, but will directly be prompted to log into their vehicle brand's connect services account.

Smartcar Connect Flow with Smartcar Connect Direct

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