Connect Pro

Connect Compatibility

Connect Compatibility lets developers verify a vehicle's eligibility before sending a user through Smartcar Connect. Using Connect Compatibility, your application can show Smartcar Connect to users with compatible vehicles only. Connect Compatibility is one of our many Connect Pro features.

Typically, when a user goes through Smartcar Connect, they are asked to select their vehicle's brand and log in with the username and password of their connected services account. After those steps are completed, Smartcar conducts a compatibility check to confirm whether the vehicle supports the required permissions that your app is requesting access to (e.g. read location, read odometer, and lock/unlock doors). If the vehicle doesn't support the required permissions, Smartcar lets the user know and sends a vehicle incompatible error back to your application.

If you already know the VINs of your users' vehicles, you can use Connect Compatibility to expose Smartcar Connect to users with eligible vehicles only. This allows you to expand your application's capabilities to users who can take advantage of them, while also decreasing friction for those who can't.

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