March 16, 2023

The API now returns a new code for the RATE_LIMIT error type if your application tries to make a request to a vehicle too frequently. Click the following link to learn more:


March 14, 2023

Smartcar has revamped the Connect flow UI and backend to improve error handling and optimize user conversion rates. Our updates fall into 3 categories: improving brand selection, expanding login methods, and establishing new error codes specific to Connect. These include:

  1. Allowing a user to search for:

a. Brand aliases in Brand Select such as VW for Volkswagen

b. Unavailable brands that we plan to introduce in the future, which will display a message highlighting future compatibility with the chosen brand.

  1. Expanding login method coverage to include phone numbers for certain brands. We now allow users to log in using email or phone number for the Connect flow starting with Kia and Mercedes-Benz. Stay tuned to our changelog for more brand updates.
  2. Providing clearer errors for the Connect flow:

a. no_vehicles for when the user does not have any vehicles tied to their account and they click to go back to the application

b. configuration_error for when exiting Connect back to your app through an error page (see below).

Error Page

c. server_error which is thrown if there is not another Connect error specified.

More documentation on error handling can be found here.

March 6, 2023

The disconnect endpoint now supports the use of management API token (MAT) for authorization purposes. Documentation can be found here