A permission is optional by default. This means that if you were to pass read_fuel in your Connect URL and the user tried to connect a Tesla, the permission would not show up as Tesla does not support fuel.

It can be made required by adding the required: prefix to the permission name, e.g. required:read_fuel. In this case, if a user were to try and connect a Tesla they’d see a No Compatible Vehicles Connect error as your application is requiring vehicles to have the read_fuel permission.

In Europe, permissions can be conditional meaning that even if the required: prefix is provided, a vehicle can make it through Connect as we cannot be sure of a vehicle’s capability until you attempt to make an API request.

In this case you’ll receive a VEHICLE_NOT_CAPABLE API error. To read more about capabilities please see Compatibility by VIN.


Permissions prefixed with read_ allow your application to get data from a vehicle as part of GET requests.

read_alertsRead alerts from the vehicle
read_batteryRead an EV’s high voltage battery data
read_chargeRead charging data
read_charge_locationsAccess previous charging locations and their associated charging configurations
read_charge_recordsRead charge records and associated billing information
read_charge_eventsReceive notifications for events associate with charging
read_climateRead the status and settings of the vehicle’s climate control system
read_compassRead the compass direction the vehicle is facing
read_engine_oilRead vehicle engine oil health
read_extended_vehicle_infoRead vehicle configuration information from a vehicle
read_fuelRead fuel tank level
read_locationAccess the vehicles location
read_odometerRetrieve total distance traveled
read_securityRead the lock status of doors, windows, charging port, etc.
read_speedometerRead a vehicle’s speed
read_thermometerRead temperatures from inside and outside the vehicle
read_tiresRead a vehicle’s tire status
read_user_profileRead the information associated with a users connected services account profile such as their email and phone number.
read_vehicle_infoKnow make, model, and year
read_vinRead VIN


Permissions prefixed with control_ allow your application to issue commands or apply settings to a vehicle as part of POST or PUT requests.

control_chargeControl a vehicle’s charge state
control_climateSet the status and settings of the vehicle’s climate control system
control_navigationSend commands to the vehicle’s navigation system
control_securityLock or unlock the vehicle
control_pinModify a PIN and enable the PIN to Drive feature for the vehicle.
control_trunkOpen a vehicle’s trunk or frunk