October 29, 2019

Introducing batch requests (beta)

Karthik Bhaskara

Sr. Software Engineer

Smartcar is launching a new API endpoint in beta today. Meet batch requests. 💐

Making multiple API requests at once

The Smartcar API allows mobile and web apps to unlock, locate, and read the odometer from vehicles across brands without aftermarket hardware.

During the past couple of months, we launched a number of new API endpoints (e.g. fuel tank level, EV battery, and tire pressure). Our customers have asked us whether they could make requests to multiple of those endpoints at the same time. We're proud to say that this is now possible.

Our brand-new batch requests endpoint allows you to combine multiple API requests into one single request (e.g. location and odometer). Smartcar's response contains an array with one response for each requested endpoint.

All GET requests to Smartcar's API are eligible to be included in a batch request. For a list of all Smartcar API endpoints, head to our API reference.

Request access to this beta product today, and please let us know your questions and feedback.

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