August 15, 2019

Introducing the fuel tank API

Gurpreet Atwal

Director of Platform Engineering

Today, we're excited to launch the Smartcar fuel tank API! ⛽

This new API endpoint allows your application to retrieve the fuel tank level from your customers' vehicles instantly and without aftermarket hardware.

How does this new product work, and how can it help your business build seamless mobility experiences?

Retrieving a fuel tank level without hardware

Smartcar enables web and mobile applications to locate, unlock, and send other requests to cars across brands with a single API. Our new fuel tank endpoint lets you access:

  1. The amount of fuel in remaining in a vehicle's tank, in liters or U.S. gallons
  2. The percentage of fuel remaining in the tank
  3. The range that the vehicle can travel, in kilometers or miles

Building seamless mobility experiences

The Smartcar fuel tank API is a game changer for a number of different use cases. Let us mention just a few:

  • 🚘 Peer-to-peer car sharing: Check a vehicle's fuel tank level at the start and end of each rental period. If a renter forgets to fuel up the car before returning it, automatically charge them a convenience fee.
  • Fuel delivery: Monitor the fuel tank level of your customers' vehicles and let them know when it's time for a refill.

To learn more about our fuel tank API, schedule a demo with our sales team today. Are you a developer? Get started with a free account.

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