October 22, 2019

Announcing the Smartcar EV API (production)

Zac Espinosa

Software Engineer

Today, we're proud to launch the Smartcar EV API in production. 🔋⚡

Our EV battery and EV charging status endpoints are leaving beta and are now available to all developers. Here's how our the EV API works and how our customers have been using it.

Introducing the Smartcar EV API

🔋 EV battery

Our EV battery endpoint allows web and mobile apps to access the state of charge (SOC) of battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. A request to this endpoint returns:

  • An EV battery's SOC in percent
  • The vehicle's remaining range in kilometers or miles

EV charging status

Our EV charging status endpoint allows you to know whether an EV is plugged in and whether it is charging. A request to this endpoint returns:

  • Whether the vehicle is plugged in (true or false)
  • Whether the vehicle charging, not charging, or fully charged

Building smart EV charging networks

EV charging companies like ReCharge use our API to directly communicate with electric vehicles for the first time. Let's have a look at three ways in which our customers are using the EV API today.

👀 Monitor charging progress

Let EV owners monitor their charging progress in real time. Your application no longer needs to estimate a vehicle's charging status based on how much power gets drawn from a charger. Instead, Smartcar lets you retrieve SOC, charging status, and even the remaining range directly from the vehicle.

⏱ Charging schedules

With Smartcar's EV API, your customers can do more than just plug in and charge. Send EV owners notifications to stop charging once their battery reaches a certain SOC. Let them create smart charging schedules that will remind them to start and stop charging when electricity rates are low and energy sources are carbon neutral.

📍 Plan EV trips

Based on a vehicle's location and remaining range, help your customers plan trips. Tell them whether they can make it to their desired destination, and if not, where and how long they can charge their EV along the way.

Find out more about how our EV API caters to your business, and schedule a demo to chat with our team today.

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