October 8, 2019

Introducing the tire pressure API (beta)

Teddy Wahle

Software Engineer

We're excited to announce a new API endpoint in beta today. Meet the Smartcar tire pressure API. 🧭

Retrieve a vehicle's tire pressure without hardware

The Smartcar tire pressure API allows web and mobile apps to retrieve a vehicle's tire pressure with a single API request. The endpoint returns the air pressure of each tire in kilopascals or pounds per square inch.

Build modern mobility products

The Smartcar tire pressure API quickly and easily solves business problems for various mobility companies.

Car insurance providers use the product to detect sudden changes in a vehicle's tire pressure. Maintenance and repair services utilize the API to notify customers when their tire pressure is too low or too high, and invite them to schedule a service appointment.

These are only two examples of how customers use our tire pressure API. To learn how our product caters to your use case, schedule a demo with our Sales team today.

To request beta access to the API endpoint, please reach out to us via email.

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