October 24, 2022

New at Smartcar: Rivian and Citroën compatibility

Winona Rajamohan

Content Marketing Manager

This month, we’re giving you the kind of news mobility apps love hearing from us — new brands and a new endpoint!

📝 In this blog, we're diving into:

  1. New compatibility with Rivian and Citroën 🚀
  2. A set of Tesla-specific endpoints for charging amperage
  3. A build vs buy case study with Recurrent and Dimo

More brand support in the US and Europe!


Smartcar is now compatible with Rivian in the US!

America loves a good pick-up truck. Case in point: the best-selling cars of 2021 in the US were the Ford F-Series, RAM pickup, and Chevrolet Silverado.

Rivian has quickly become an influential brand in the automotive world, driving more emphasis on electrification beyond sedans. (After all, the power and ruggedness of a pick-up truck mean a lot more gas and emissions).

We’re excited to see apps already using Smartcar to retrieve EV battery and charging data from Rivians! Demand response firm, Rolling Energy Resource, now connects to 95% of EVs on the road — including Rivian — via Smartcar to help utilities power their managed charging programs.


We’re also compatible with Citroën in Europe!

Citroën is set to go fully electric as part of Stellantis’ goal of 100% EV sales in Europe by 2030.

The automaker is one of the few brands that have managed to increase its sales globally in 2021 despite the widespread chip shortage, driven by best-sellers like the C3 hatchback.

Mobility apps can now use Smartcar to connect to the popular C3 and Citroën’s electric models, like the e-C4 and e-Spacetourer to verify mileage, manage EV charging, and remotely start and stop charge.

Visit our compatibility page to view a full list of compatible models and endpoints by region!

A new Tesla brand-specific endpoint

If you aren’t familiar with brand-specific endpoints, they’re a set of endpoints that help customers retrieve additional data beyond what’s in our Standard API. Today, brand-specific endpoints are available for Tesla, Cadillac, and Chevrolet vehicles.

You can now use Smartcar’s Tesla-specific endpoints to retrieve charging amperage data from a vehicle and to set the charging amperage for a vehicle when it's charging.  

Utilities can prevent sudden spikes after a demand response event by using this endpoint to control charging amperage on Teslas when ramping up grid load. It can also help utilities limit energy usage during peak times without completely stopping the car from charging.

Check out our API reference for a complete list of brand-specific endpoints!

Build vs Buy: Learn from our customers DIMO, and Recurrent

Building vehicle integrations from scratch is hard, and how you tackle this critical piece of infrastructure can make or break the success of your mobility application.

For DIMO and Recurrent, there were a few big questions to consider:

  • What are the repercussions of a small bug at scale?
  • How much time can we take away from our core product development efforts?
  • Do we have the manpower to proactively identify risks and edge cases before they impact customers?

Watch our webinar, Build vs Buy: What approach is right for you?, to hear from Recurrent CEO, Scott Case, and DIMO co-founder, Alex Rawitz, about what influenced their decision-making process.

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