February 2, 2022

Smartcar partners with DIMO to build a web3 platform for mobility apps of tomorrow

Winona Rajamohan

Content Marketing Manager

DIMO is building a user-owned ecosystem of mobility applications that make it easier, cheaper, and cleaner to move around. The team has deployed a connected vehicle platform that helps users collect, store, and use data from their cars.

Smartcar’s partnership with DIMO gives drivers a software-only option to connect their vehicles to the network, which is a key ingredient to seeding an open mobility app ecosystem and allowing users to access their own vehicle data.

At Smartcar, our goal is to help innovators access developer tools to build ideas that can transform and advance mobility as we know it. We’re excited to announce that DIMO has partnered with Smartcar to welcome more drivers onto their platform.

DIMO’s platform is driven by a team with extensive expertise in automotive markets, mobility, IoT, and web3.

“Our mission at DIMO is to advance how technology helps people connect with each other and move throughout the world,” says co-founder, Andrew Chatham. “We’re strong believers in the power of user-owned networks and we’re building the infrastructure and applications to support that. Smartcar has built a key ingredient that allows us to quickly and seamlessly connect newer cars to the network.

DIMO helps drivers own their vehicle data

The restraints placed on vehicle data hinder many developers from creating apps and services with real value for drivers. Built on the principles of web3 technology, DIMO’s network gives vehicle owners the infrastructure to own their vehicle data and securely delegate access to that data. Chatham describes it as a way for “users to maximize the value of their connected assets, starting with cars.”

Vehicle owners earn tokens by streaming data to the DIMO platform. From there, developers get to build apps and services with data obtained by following a transparent set of rules. This creates an open ecosystem for innovation that does not depend on gated channels and company-owned data.

"Mobility innovation powered by web3 technology is yet another example of how drivers can have a stake in the success of innovative products they use,” said Sahas Katta, CEO at Smartcar. “Smartcar is excited to help more vehicle owners be a part of DIMO’s mission."

By establishing seamless interactions with connected vehicles, DIMO can begin to fuel its network with rich data across car brands and use cases. To create this extensive user-owned pool of developer resources, DIMO implemented several ways for drivers to integrate their cars and start contributing data.

Smartcar streamlines integrations with connected services platforms

With the Smartcar integration, DIMO has launched a software-based option for cars to connect to its network. Smartcar’s API gives DIMO the ability to access vehicle data quickly and cost-efficiently using connectivity options that already exist in a vehicle.

The integration streamlines interactions with 15+ connected services platforms into a single flow, giving drivers a simple point of entry to begin streaming data using our endpoints for electric vehicles, odometer, tire pressure, location, fuel.

In only four clicks, users will be brought through a simple consent-based authorization flow. Smartcar ensures that transparency and data privacy is held on our platform. Vehicle owners will be able to review the exact data points that will be retrieved from the vehicle before allowing access to the integration. Data is not stored by Smartcar in the process.

Get started with DIMO  

Over the next few months, DIMO will be releasing new features and updates to champion better connectivity and transparent data sharing. Smartcar is excited to help more drivers connect to DIMO and to empower the network with more data on connected vehicles in the market.

This partnership marks a new era in digital infrastructure for mobility services, and we’re looking forward to giving vehicle owners more ways to contribute to DIMO’s mission. To learn more about DIMO, visit their website today.

Vehicle brands, logos, and model names belong to their respective trademark holders and do not indicate endorsement or affiliation with Smartcar or DIMO.

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