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Easily connect to your customer’s car

Smartcar’s APIs allow your app or service to track vehicle locations, verify mileage, share digital keys, and manage EV charging in a single integration.

Put your customers in control

With our Smartcar Connect flow, your customers can instantly and effortlessly link their cars to your app. All it takes is four clicks directly from your mobile application or web portal.

Just Insurance’s mobile app prompting the user to connect their car, allowing approved guests to unlock it from the app


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developers like you

Build powerful mobility services

From integrating and testing our APIs to launching and optimizing your product for millions of customers, we provide all the tools you need to be successful.

Integrate effortlessly

Our extensive documentation and SDKs in every major language make Smartcar easy to integrate with your tech stack.

Test before you go live

Before launching your integration, our Vehicle Test Simulator lets you test your mobility app in real-world scenarios with any Smartcar compatible vehicle straight from your Dashboard. You can Simulate live trips and receive real-time API data.

Bundle your API requests

To optimize and scale your service more efficiently, Batch Requests allow you to access multiple API endpoints with a single request.

Automate data retrievals

To further automate your engineering efforts, our Scheduled Webhooks let you schedule and receive recurring updates from authorized vehicles as frequently as once per hour.

Access new features early

Our Enterprise customers enjoy Early Access to Smartcar’s newest API endpoints, vehicle makes, and product features.