July 19, 2021

Leveling the playing field for fleets of all sizes

Charlotte Kosche

Sr. Content Writer

Smartcar and Zubie are partnering to launch Zubie Direct Connect, a fleet management solution for fleets of any size. Zubie Direct Connect works with vehicles right out of the box, allowing customers to save costs and onboarding time. The product takes advantage of Smartcar’s APIs to connect with fleet vehicles and track their location, mileage, fuel tank level, and more.

Zubie makes fleet management simple

Zubie is a leading telematics provider. The company offers simple fleet management software to fleets of all sizes, including service, rental, and loaner fleets.

“Our mission is to make fleet management simple, no matter how large or small the fleet,” said Zubie CEO Chad Caswell. “But some businesses, especially smaller ones, can’t afford to purchase and install OBD devices in each of their vehicles. We wanted to remove these barriers for those smaller fleets, and Smartcar provided the perfect solution.”

Smartcar helps Zubie go hardware-free

Zubie Direct Connect is Zubie’s first hardware-free fleet management solution. The product is affordable and requires no installation, making it perfect for fleets of all sizes. Thanks to the Smartcar platform, businesses can connect vehicles with just four clicks from their Zubie account. Smartcar’s APIs then make telematics data such as location, odometer, and fuel tank level available in the Zubie Direct Connect dashboard.

By eliminating the need for OBD devices, Zubie can offer more affordable pricing and a simpler, faster onboarding process to their customers. Instead of purchasing and installing hardware in each vehicle, businesses enjoy a seamless, fully digital experience when onboarding their fleet to Zubie Direct Connect.

“We’re excited that Zubie is simplifying fleet management and making its services accessible to a wider range of businesses,” said Smartcar CEO Sahas Katta. “We’re glad that our technology is helping Zubie achieve this important mission.”

Zubie Direct Connect is now available for fleet management businesses in the United States. Contact Zubie today to learn more.

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