April 29, 2021

Build the future of mobility with Smartcar

Amber Livingston

Marketing Manager

Smartcar is the leading developer platform for mobility businesses. Watch our video to learn more about the challenges our customers face and how we help to solve them.

Our world is becoming increasingly connected, but mobility businesses still struggle to connect their products to cars. Car sharing marketplaces, auto insurance providers, EV charging networks, and electric utilities depend on fragmented APIs and expensive hardware to integrate their apps and services with vehicles.

This is where Smartcar can help.

Smartcar allows businesses of all sizes to easily and securely connect with vehicles. Car sharing marketplaces like Turo use our lock and unlock APIs to provide contactless rentals to their customers. Auto insurance providers like Just Auto Insurance use our odometer API to charge policyholders by the mile. Electric utility providers like Krafthem use our electric vehicle APIs to control EV charging and balance the grid.

Using our car APIs, mobility businesses can build groundbreaking products and services to deliver amazing customer experiences.

Are you ready to build the future of mobility with Smartcar? Get a free product demo today.

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