May 23, 2019

Building on-demand car wash apps with Smartcar's API

Zeenia Framroze

Head of Sales & Biz Dev

Today, we're proud to introduce the latest use case for Smartcar's API: seamless on-demand car wash experiences. 🧽💦

On-demand car wash challenges

  • Time ⏲ On-demand car wash apps are revolutionizing the industry. Instead of driving to the nearest car wash, vehicle owners can book appointments via app. A technician will then come to wash and detail the car on the spot. But still, customers need to make time to meet with technicians and hand over their keys for interior detailing.
  • Inconvenience 📝 Apart from exchanging keys, customers might have to manually enter their vehicle's location in the app, letting the technician know where to find the car. While saving their customers a good chunk of time and hassle, on-demand car wash apps are not yet perfect.

Our solution

This is where Smartcar comes in. Our API allows on-demand car wash companies to create seamless customer experiences. Here's how it works:

  • Locate 🌎📍 Using our location API endpoint, customers can share their vehicle's location with a car wash technician directly via your app. No need to manually enter an address.
  • Lock and unlock 🔑 Our security API endpoint allows your customers to share a digital key to their vehicle with your car wash technician, so that both don't have to meet and exchange car keys.

The best part? Smartcar works across car brands and without the use of aftermarket hardware like OBD dongles. Our API easy to integrate with, thanks to friendly documentation and SDKs in six languages.

Getting started

To get started with Smartcar, create an account right away. Your first 1,000 API requests will be free (no credit card required).

If you'd like to learn more, check out our uses cases and read how Washos and Spiffy are using Smartcar for their on-demand car wash services.

Thanks for reading! As always, we're here to help with any questions or feedback.

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