April 30, 2019

How Washos uses Smartcar to create seamless on-demand car wash experiences

Zeenia Framroze

Head of Sales & Biz Dev

Washos is an app-based car wash service in Los Angeles, CA. The company lets customers book appointments via their app and then sends detailers to wash and detail cars at their home or office. Today, Washos is officially launching their integration with Smartcar’s API.

Washos offers on-demand car wash and detailing services that customers can book via app.

Washos's challenges

Previously, Washos customers had to meet and physically exchange car keys with the detailer before and after each interior detailing appointment. This could be inconvenient and time-consuming for both Washos and their customers. When the company decided to work with Smartcar, they quickly realized how our lock and unlock API endpoints could improve their customers’ on-demand car wash experience.

Before Washos integrated with Smartcar's API, their customers and detailers needed to exchange car keys.

Smartcar’s solution

Thanks to the integration with Smartcar's API, Washos customers who own an internet-connected vehicle can now share a digital car key with detailers directly via the Washos app.

The startup uses Smartcar’s lock and unlock API endpoints (POST security) behind the scenes, letting detailers unlock their customer’s vehicles for interior detailing, and letting them lock the doors back up once they are done.

Adding a connected car in the Washos app.

By eliminating the need to meet and exchange car keys, Smartcar’s API allows Washos to save their detailers time and hassle, and to create seamless car wash experiences for their customers.

"Integrating with Smartcar's API was incredibly fast and easy," said Washos CEO Bertrand Patriarca. "Thanks to the API's lock and unlock endpoints, we can make on-demand car wash more convenient for our customers and scale our business more efficiently than we could have ever imagined."

We're excited to see Washos using our API, and we look forward to seeing which services they'll offer next!

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