November 19, 2019

Introducing the tire pressure API (production)

Teddy Wahle

Software Engineer

Today, the Smartcar tire pressure API is leaving beta and is now available to all developers. 🧭

Reading tire pressure with a single API request

Using the Smartcar tire pressure API, mobility apps can check the tire pressure of their customers' vehicles. Our API works without aftermarket hardware and across car brands. With a single API request, your app can obtain the air pressure of each of a vehicle's tires in kilopascals or pounds per square inch.

Building powerful auto insurance and fleet management software

Our customers in the fleet management and auto insurance industries have already used and integrated the tire pressure API while it was available for beta testing. Here's how our customers have been using the new API endpoint.

Fleet management software businesses allow fleet managers to run convenient tire pressure and engine oil checks via their dashboard. If a vehicle is unsafe to drive or due for its next service appointment, the fleet manager receives a notification.

Car insurance providers monitor the tire pressure of their policyholders' vehicles to detect sudden changes. A sudden change in a vehicle's tire pressure indicates that the policyholder might have driven recklessly or gotten into an accident.

If you are a developer, get started with the Smartcar tire pressure API today.

To learn more about using this product, to request a demo, or to let us know any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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