January 15, 2020

Introducing the engine oil life API (production)

Gurpreet Atwal

Director of Platform Engineering

Starting today, the Smartcar engine oil life API is no longer in beta but available to all app developers. 💧

Our engine oil life API endpoint allows web and mobile applications to retrieve the remaining life span of a vehicle's engine oil. With a single request to the API endpoint, your app obtains the remaining life span of a car's engine oil as a percentage:

Knowing when a car is due for an oil change is crucial for vehicle and driver safety. The Smartcar API allows your customers to easily know and monitor the exact lifespan of their car's engine oil. Your customers no longer have to estimate or remember when their vehicle needs an oil change. More importantly, they no longer need to wait for their car to show symptoms of overage oil, which only appear when the vehicle is already unsafe to drive.

Many of our customers have already used the engine oil life API while it was available in beta. Fleet management software companies like Pitstop and Halo Fleet use the endpoint to periodically check the oil life of all vehicles in their customers' fleets. In case one of their cars needs an oil change, fleet managers receive a notification and can schedule a service appointment.

Tip: If you use the engine oil life API, consider having a look at the Smartcar tire pressure API as well. This endpoint allows you to know the air pressure of each of a vehicle's tires, allowing you to notify customers when their tire pressure is either too low or too high to be safely driving their car.

Sign up for a developer account and start using the engine oil life API right away. If you would like to schedule a product demo, please feel free to reach out to our sales team. We're happy to chat!

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