October 31, 2019

Announcing the Smartcar Android SDK 3.0

Sanketh Katta

CTO and Co-Founder

Today, we’re excited to launch a new and improved Smartcar Connect SDK. Meet the Smartcar Android SDK 3.0.

The Smartcar API allows mobile applications to locate, unlock, and read the odometer from cars across brands without aftermarket hardware. Our Android SDK makes it fast and simple for developers to integrate Smartcar’s API into any Android mobile app. This revamped version...

  • Makes it even easier for your application to launch the Smartcar Connect flow and authorize users in Android
  • Launches the Smartcar Connect flow safely and securely
  • Makes it easy to launch Smartcar Connect with our Pro features Connect Match and Connect Direct, thanks to our new auth URL builder
  • Is now modernized to use Chrome Custom tabs for speed and security
  • Uses AndroidX and supports the latest versions of Android (Android 10, API level 29)

When using our Android SDK to integrate Smartcar's API into your application, you will worry less about the integration itself and spend more time on the important things: building great mobile apps and creating amazing user experiences for your customers.

Get started with the Smartcar Android SDK today. If you aren't using Android, make sure to explore our Smartcar Connect SDKs for iOS and JavaScript.

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