November 28, 2017

Smartcar developer platform now available on Hyundai vehicles

Sahas Katta

CEO + Co-Founder

We are excited to announce the Smartcar connected car platform is opening up to developers looking to bring apps and services to Hyundai vehicle owners. Hyundai Motor America has partnered with Smartcar to let their customers use new digital experiences built on our platform with their vehicles starting early 2018.

Today, at Automobility LA, we are showcasing one of the very first developers using Smartcar’s platform. Washos is a mobility service which lets Hyundai owners order a car wash in just a few clicks from a mobile app. Using Smartcar API platform, Washos can now locate a customer’s Hyundai vehicle for a wash and use a temporary digital key to unlock the doors to clean the interior.

“With the single integration of Smartcar into the [Hyundai] Blue Link system, we’re able to give customers access to a vast range of new services. And we can do it more quickly — because there’s no need to do a separate integration of every new service.” said Manish Mehrotra, Director of Digital Business Planning and Connected Operations at Hyundai Motor America.

Over the coming months, Smartcar will announce a wide variety of developers using our platform ranging from car-sharing services, to on-demand fuel delivery, in-trunk deliveries, and a few surprises for Hyundai owners as part of our joint pilot in California.

Smartcar’s mission is to empower developers to easily build apps which work with vehicles of any make or model in a single development effort. With our friendly API documentation, SDKs for popular programming languages, and enterprise-grade security, Smartcar scales to accommodate developers ranging from emerging startups to large fleets and insurance companies. These businesses can now focus on creating great experiences for their customers without worrying about how to communicate with vehicles.

Washos uses Smartcar's API to locate and unlock the cars they service.

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