May 9, 2023

Introducing Smartcar's EV charge limit APIs

Winona Rajamohan

Content Marketing Manager

We’re excited to introduce our EV charge limit and EV set charge limit API endpoints to all new and existing Smartcar customers! Customers can now use these endpoints across multiple supported brands to get actionable data on an electric vehicle’s charge limit.

What are the EV charge limit and EV set charge limit APIs?

Most automakers recommend setting a charge limit below 100% unless the vehicle owner is planning to go on a long drive without any stops to charge. Mobility businesses can use the EV charge limit and EV set charge limit API to verify a vehicle owner’s preferred charge limit and set thresholds during an EV charging session to preserve battery health.

The API also allows apps to provide EV charging services that are within safe operating limits for electric circuits and EV batteries. For instance, drivers may want to limit their charging to 80% on an especially hot day to keep batteries cool or prevent the overheating of household wiring.

With this new EV API, Smartcar customers can access two new endpoints in their apps and services:

  1. EV charge limit: Retrieve the charge limit configuration for a vehicle.
  2. EV set charge limit: Control the limit at which the vehicle should stop charging and be considered fully charged.

Mobility apps can now provide a convenient experience for EV drivers to customize their charging preferences without having to be physically around a vehicle.

The endpoints will now be a core endpoint for the following brands: Tesla, Ford, Volkswagen (US), Hyundai (US), and Kia (US & Canada).

How to use the charge limit and set charge limit APIs in your EV app

With the addition of these new endpoints, mobility apps can use Smartcar’s suite of EV APIs to power popular services for EV owners, DERMS providers, and utilities.

🔌 Demand response

Smart charging apps can prevent spikes in electricity demand by setting the charge limit for EV owners based on the time of day and real-time grid load. With these new APIs, apps can seamlessly optimize the charging schedules of end-users and monetize their efforts to help utilities reduce peak load.

Take a look at the graph below to see Optiwatt uses Smartcar’s EV API to lower grid stress and participate in energy markets — all while making sure drivers get enough charge in their EVs to go about their day.

⚡ Managed charging

DERMS software can use the EV charge limit and EV set charge limit APIs to implement reliable and driver-friendly managed EV charging programs. By having visibility into the amount of charge drivers can expect to get in each charge session, DERMs providers can optimize charge start times within a utility service territory.

EV drivers can be reluctant to participate in programs if they’re unsure how proactive managed charging will impact vehicle battery health. Smartcar’s new APIs give vehicle owners the ability to customize program preferences according to a maximum state of charge below 100% to increase battery efficiency and lifespan.

🔋  Battery health reporting

Mobility apps can use these new APIs to compare the impact of charge limits on the battery health of EV makes and models. Gain a better understanding of a vehicle owner’s charging behavior and equip drivers with EV battery reporting capabilities to help them optimize their EV charging for long-term battery efficiency.

For example, apps can use these endpoints to analyze how the range differs between vehicles that are consistently charged to 80% and those that are charged to 100%.

Why integrate your EV app with a connected car API platform?

Smartcar’s platform for EV APIs gives EV apps and DERMS providers standardized integrations and clear developer documentation to build apps to communicate with over 100 EV models across 26 brands. What does this mean for your engineering and product teams?

  • Standardized developer resources for faster builds (Check out our Build vs Buy guide to see exactly how much time our customers save!)
  • Scalable data collection across a majority of top EV makes and models
  • Easy opt-in and onboarding for vehicle owners
  • Real-time visibility into API errors and interruptions

If you’re already a Smartcar customer, you can integrate the new API endpoint into your product today! Contact our Customer Success team if you have any questions or need help getting started.

If you aren’t a Smartcar customer yet and would like to start using our new get and set charge limit APIs, explore our pricing plans and schedule a free demo with our team today!

Vehicle brands, logos, and model names belong to their respective trademark holders and do not indicate endorsement or affiliation with Smartcar.

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