September 18, 2023

Revvo and Smartcar introduce a connected tire solution for predictive maintenance

Winona Rajamohan

Content Marketing Manager

Revvo and Smartcar partnered to deliver a connected tire service that makes it easy for tire retailers to win more customers and increase sales. Empower drivers with a modern and cost-efficient approach to tire maintenance by integrating directly with vehicles to set up automated predictive maintenance alerts.


📝 Busy day? Here's a summary of what's ahead:

  • The cost of a tire continues to increase, now up 20% than what it was two years ago. Drivers want to put their trust in tire vendors that can help them act early, mitigate unexpected damage, and save money.
  • Tire vendors are missing out on the opportunity to optimize time, labor, and operational costs by adopting a reactive approach to maintenance — like manual inspections and emergency repairs that happen after an issue starts causing damage.
  • We’re excited to introduce Revvo and Smartcar’s connected tire solution, a new frontier in tire management that prioritizes proactive maintenance. Implement reliable, secure, and automated tire management workflows without the hassle of in-house development and limited vehicle support.

The notion of prevention is prevalent in everything we do. We use technology to prevent business risks, productivity loss, or waiting too long in traffic. Today, over 50% of Americans wear some sort of wearable connected device to monitor their health at home.

It only makes sense that we use technology to prevent unexpected damage from one of the most expensive assets we can purchase — our vehicles.

Since vehicles have been on roads, it's been well documented by the likes of AAA that tires are the number one cause of road service calls. For vehicle owners, replacing tires has never been more stressful. The cost of a tire today is over 20% higher than what it was two years ago, without accounting for labor costs.

But think about the damage (and costs) you could avoid with a personalized service that suggests and schedules actions to take on your tires. Proactive tire maintenance is the future of the vehicle management experience, and we’re excited to introduce a solution that makes it easier than ever for tire retailers, fleet managers, and individuals to access it.

Connected car data makes predictive maintenance possible

Vehicle telematics isn’t new to automotive repair and maintenance, but there have been missed opportunities to use this data to drive efficiency and engagement with drivers.

Onboard diagnostic (OBD) dongles provide retailers and repair shops with access to telematics data, but these devices don’t help package that data into a user-friendly service experience that individuals and fleet managers actually want. Because OBD devices are black boxes of information, you would still have to bring vehicles into shops for manual inspections after a problem occurs.

But software helps tire retailers act on vehicle data with fewer disruptions, more transparency, and higher levels of interoperability with other relevant solutions — like reward programs, insurance providers, roadside assistance services, and business operations platforms.

Instead of pulling information from physical devices and in-person inspections, the goal of predictive maintenance is to use a system that automatically monitors vehicle and tire health, tracks mileage and uses that information to detect potential issues. What does this mean for tire vendors?

✅ Smarter resource allocation

✅ Fewer emergency repairs

✅ Optimized inventory

✅ Less downtime for customers

How do Revvo and Smartcar come into the picture?

Nine out of 10 vehicles in the US are shipped as connected cars with built-in internet connectivity. Vehicle owners can access telematics features via their automaker’s connected services account, which more automakers are providing as a complimentary service when you purchase your vehicle.

But these built-in telematics functionalities are limited. A survey by PEGA discovered that 65% of vehicle owners want to be alerted when it’s time to schedule a service — an area not within the realm of expertise for automakers. Although this gives tire retailers a significant opportunity to fill that gap, building a sophisticated solution capable of predictive maintenance and in-depth tire visibility is a big resource sinker.

Building a single reliable vehicle integration in-house can take anywhere between two to five engineers for an initial build and ongoing maintenance, not taking into account resources to develop an intelligent frontend experience that’s intuitive, responsive, and easy to implement.

That’s why Smartcar and Revvo are stepping in to help tire service providers, fleets, and individuals act on vehicle telematics data within an end-to-end platform that centralizes and personalizes all aspects of tire management.

Introducing the connected tire solution transforming tire management

Revvo is the solution to connect, monitor, and manage vehicle tires — automatically and remotely.  Revvo connects to vehicles remotely and leverages its industry-leading AI engine, TireIQ, to process vehicle and tire data to predict tire issues and alert drivers and retailers about critical tire events in real time.

Revvo delivers these benefits by using Smartcars’s API to quickly and securely pull data like a vehicle’s odometer readings, fuel tank and battery levels, tire pressure, and more.

Combine both these solutions together and you get a connected tire service that enables vehicles to be safer and more efficient on the road.

How does this solution help tire retailers and distributors deliver results?

Move away from reactive and manual tire inspections with predictive alerts to protect drivers against unexpected tire failure. Automatically push notifications to tire vendors and retail locations when tires need service so you can offer immediate support to drivers, helping them make the most of their time and money.

Build a proactive tire service experience with Revvo and Smartcar

With Smartcar and Revvo’s connected tire service, solidify your place in the market with:

🗺 Remote tire monitoring between shop visits
🔎 Accelerated issue detection and resolution
📈 Instant software-based integrations with 36 vehicle brands
🔐 Robust security compliance and consent-based vehicle authentication

If you’re a tire retailer or distributor looking to optimize costs and free up resources, there’s no better time than now to eliminate manual inspections and reactive problem-solving. Revvo and Smartcar’s connected tire solution is a simple, intuitive, and cost-effective way to digitize tire management without in-house development or hardware installations.

Let’s connect and discuss how you can integrate our connected tire solution into your business.  

Vehicle brands, logos, and model names belong to their respective trademark holders and do not indicate endorsement or affiliation with Smartcar or Revvo.

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