June 5, 2017

Smartcar launches connected car platform in Germany

Sahas Katta

CEO + Co-Founder

Starting on June 30th, developers can add Smartcar APIs into their app or website with a few lines of code to connect to data from BMW vehicles.

Smartcar has partnered with BMW Group to enable developers to access select data from vehicles which have built-in SIM cards for data connectivity. Initially data from BMW vehicles in Germany can be accessed via Smartcar, the rollout in other countries will follow gradually.

The wide range of applications includes insurance, expense tracking, smart home, gas stations, and mobility services like car sharing and car wash.

Smartcar Developer Portal

Smartcar’s platform enables developers to access data from vehicles of multiple brands through a standard API and a single development effort. Developers looking to add connected car APIs into their app or website can save time by using Smartcar.

> var smartcar = require('smartcar');
> var vehicle = new smartcar.Vehicle(vehicleId, accessToken);
> vehicle.location();{"latitude": 37.401158, "longitude": -122.057613}

If you are interested, sign up for early access. If you have any questions, you can reach us at hello@smartcar.com.

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