August 26, 2020

3 great reasons to join the Smartcar team

Mathilde Patmon

Director of People

Would you enjoy working on complex projects that have a massive impact on thousands of car owners? Would you like to single-handedly launch new product features and initiatives that make a difference for your company and its customers? Would you like to grow and learn new skills quickly while working with smart and welcoming people? Looking no further—Smartcar is hiring!

We’ve thought of all the things we love about our company and have written out three main reasons you should consider joining our team. If you aren’t yet sure what Smartcar does and how our product works, check out this blog post for more context.

1. Make an impact

Smartcar is a 19-person startup. No matter which department you join, you will

  • 🚀 Make an impact: Smartcar’s APIs are compatible with 60 million cars and used by thousands of vehicle owners. We’ll also expand internationally later this year.
  • 🤝 Be respected: As a member of the Smartcar team, your voice is heard and your opinion matters.
  • 💪 Take ownership: You’ll have the opportunity to lead significant projects from development into production.
  • 🔧 Work efficiently: We’re a small but mighty team. There are no meetings to plan other meetings. Our flat hierarchy allows us to focus on common goals instead of fighting over different agendas.

2. Achieve your career goals

Joining Smartcar will not only allow you to make an impact but also help you achieve your personal career goals. Every team member learns new skills incredibly quickly and gets to dive into different areas of expertise with each new project. One week you might be building Smartcar’s new documentation center from the ground up, and the next, you’ll be creating an SDK for an additional programming language.

To put facts to statements, 100% of Smartcar’s managers were promoted internally based on merit. Check out this blog post about one of our company values, empowerment, to learn about some success stories.

3. Be part of an amazing team

Last but not least, Smartcar’s welcoming team members and inclusive work culture are an excellent reason to join our company. Everyone has the same drive and passion for working towards one common goal. Everyone treats each other with respect and genuinely wants to help each other out to succeed together.

When you need help on a particular project, you won’t hear things like “That’s not my area. You need to figure this one out on your own.” Instead, you’ll hear “This is interesting. Let’s figure it out together!” Support also comes from the top down. Our co-founders always make themselves available to the team, even if you’re just giving them a call and asking their opinion on an idea you had the other day.

Our dream team is growing, and we’d love for you to join us. Check our open positions and apply today!

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