June 16, 2020

Announcing the Smartcar Ruby SDK (beta)

Ashwin Kumar Subramanian

Engineering Manager

Today, we’re excited to launch the Smartcar Ruby SDK in beta. 💎

Smartcar enables web and mobile applications to communicate with cars across brands using a single API. Our brand-new Ruby SDK allows you to easily integrate Smartcar with any Ruby-based application. This gem comes with a number of useful features:

Support for Ruby 2.7.x & all API endpoints

User-friendly guides & examples

  • An extensive Getting Started Guide walks you through the steps of getting started with the Smartcar API
  • A sample application shows you how to use the Smartcar gem in a full-fledged Rails app
  • A Usage section lists code samples for making different API requests and launching Smartcar’s authorization flow

Convenient methods & access token management

  • Provides a method to instantly construct authorization URLs
  • Offers methods for all API endpoints and returns responses in easy-to-use plain old Ruby objects (POROs)
  • Allows you to quickly and easily retrieve and refresh access tokens
  • Documents custom errors for various cases to let you effortlessly debug your code

The Smartcar Ruby SDK is available in beta starting today. Receive beta access here and please let us know your feedback!

If you aren’t using Ruby, have a look at our Smartcar API SDKs for Go, Java, Node.js, and Python.

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