January 16, 2019

Which hackathons will Smartcar attend in 2019?

Charlotte Kosche

Sr. Content Writer

2018 was an exciting year for us at Smartcar. We shipped many new product features and worked with a host of exciting new customers. But what made the year really special were the many hackathons we attended and the awesome students we met! Last year’s events brought us to Hackbright Academy in San Francisco, UC Davis’ SacHacks in Sacramento, HackHarvard at Harvard University, and Y-Hack at Yale.

We haven’t landed in your city yet? Don’t worry. We’re revving our engines to take the Smartcar hackathon show on the road! We’ll bring a Tesla Model S to every event, allowing developers to build and test their apps on a real vehicle. Using our API, we’ve seen hackers create everything from peer-to-peer car sharing platforms to mileage-based insurance apps. In 2019, the Smartcar team will dash around the country (and across the border) to attend the following hackathons.

2019 is shaping up to be an exciting road trip for us, and we're excited to meet all our developers!



  • UofTHacks, University of Toronto, Canada (January 18–20, 2019)


  • WildHacks, Northwestern University (February 15–17, 2019)

New Jersey

  • HackRU, Rutgers University (March 9–10, 2019)


  • TAMUhack, Texas A&M (January 26–27, 2019)

And there’s more to come. Right now, we’ve only paved the way up to April. As we commit to more events, we’ll update this blog post accordingly.

Are you organizing a hackathon, but yours isn’t yet on our list? Contact us to see if we can attend!

If you’re curious about the types of apps hackers have built on our platform last year, check out this blog post about the first hackathon we hosted with Hackbright Academy in San Francisco. Also have a look at our favorite photos from past events below!

YHack at Yale University (December 2018)
SacHacks (by UC Davis) in Sacramento (November 2018)
HackHarvard at Harvard University (October 2018)
Connected Car Hackathon at Hackbright Academy in San Francisco (September 2018)

Happy hacking, everyone, and we hope to see you this year! 💻🚗

Smartcar enables developers to locate and unlock cars with an API. Want to take our product for a spin? Check out our docs and get started with our demo app! Have any questions or feedback? Shoot us an email! 🚀

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