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Wejo vs. Otonomo

How does Otonomo compare to Wejo? Discover the best source of connected car data for mobility apps and services.

Otonomo vs. Wejo

Choosing the best solution for connected car data is key to the success of your mobility application or service. Let’s compare two vehicle data marketplaces, Wejo vs Otonomo, and see how they stack up to Smartcar’s car API developer platform.

What is Otonomo?

Otonomo is a Herzeliya-based platform and marketplace for vehicle data. Otonomo helps organizations take the guesswork out of mobility and transportation planning, deployment and operations. If you’re looking to purchase data sets for mapping, parking solutions, or media management then Otonomo could be a good fit for you.

What is Wejo?

Wejo is a Manchester-based data exchange platform for connected vehicles. Wejo helps organizations understand traffic and congestion, evaluate new retail locations, gain insights into construction zones, and more. If you’re looking to purchase data for planning, market analysis, modeling, or research then Wejo may be a good choice for you.

How do they compare?




Primarily anonymized aggregated data sets

Primarily anonymized aggregated data sets


40 million

11 million




Miles tracked/curated

330 billion

391 billion

Otonomo features based on publicly available information via and as of September, 2021

Wejo features based on publicly available information via as of September, 2021

Smartcar is different

Smartcar is not a vehicle data marketplace; it is an automotive developer platform.

Smartcar enables developers to integrate applications and services with connected cars in a seamless and transparent way. We provide a consistent set of useful API endpoints across the most number of vehicle makes and models. Mobility businesses of all kinds use our APIs to track vehicle location, verify mileage, share digital car keys, manage EV charging, and much more!

Why choose Smartcar?

With Smartcar, you can easily retrieve data from cars and even trigger actions through our simple and secure API.

Comprehensive coverage

Smartcar is compatible with more vehicles and car brands across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Best developer experience

Our docs, SDKs, and self-service experience are the easiest way to build mobility apps and services.

Exceptional support

Get the help and guidance you need from our experts on the support channel you prefer the most.

Compatible with more vehicles

Smartcar is compatible with more connected cars than Wejo and Otonomo — combined.

An illustration of a developer working with connected cars.

One API for 37 brands

Smartcar’s APIs are compatible with 29 vehicle makes in North America and 23 different brands across Europe. Using Smartcar, your application or service can connect to 161 million connected cars with just a single integration.

An illustration of the Smartcar Connect vehicle authentication flow.

Connect to specific vehicles

Smartcar provides mobility businesses with direct access to individual cars while ensuring that vehicle owners are in full control of their data. Smartcar collects consent from end users with your embedded privacy policy before exchanging any vehicle data.

Learn about Smartcar Connect

Easiest way to build mobility services

Smartcar has everything you need to integrate, launch, and optimize your mobility products and services.

Integrate faster

Extensive developer documentation, plus SDKs in every major programming language, let you quickly integrate Smartcar with your tech stack.

See the API docs

Create better user experiences

Incorporate connected services signup, password reset flows, or check the compatibility of a vehicle within your mobility application or service.

Automate data retrievals

Schedule webhooks to receive recurring updates from authorized vehicles as frequently as once per hour.

Learn more about Scheduled Webhooks

Test and validate

Before launching your integration, our Vehicle Test Simulator lets you test your mobility app in real-world scenarios with any Smartcar compatible vehicle straight from your Dashboard. You can Simulate live trips and receive real-time API data.

Learn about testing
An illustration of a connected vehicle on a winding road.

Exceptional support every step of the way

Our world-class team is ready to set you up for success.

An illustration of a car and a person calling for help.

Expert advice and guidance

From implementation to launch and beyond, our Customer Success experts have seen it all. With Smartcar, you can leverage our extensive real-world experience to ensure you get the most value from our developer platform.

More ways to get in touch

We offer multiple support channels so you can get help when and how you prefer. Our team is ready to answer your questions over email, phone, or even live chat.

Compare for yourself




Vehicle compatibility


Specific vehicle data with user consent

Primarily anonymized aggregated data sets

Primarily anonymized aggregated data sets


161 million

40 million

11 million

Vehicle commands

Send commands to vehicles to trigger actions like lock / unlock doors or start / stop charging.






29 - North America, 23 - Europe



Developer experience

Public SDKs

Publicly available SDKs for top programming platforms and languages like Android, iOS, JavaScript, Go, Java, Node.js, Python, and Ruby.


Comprehensive integration guides, SDK tutorials, error guides, and changelogs.



Error handling

Detailed error states and suggested resolutions.



Scheduled Webhooks

Schedule and receive recurring updates from connected vehicles.



Batch Requests

Call multiple API endpoints with a single request.



Simulated vehicles

Retrieve mock data from simulated vehicles before taking your integration into production.


Live test vehicles

Test your integration on a fleet of real vehicles.



Consent management

2FA & PIN support

Support for two factor authentication (2FA) and personal identification numbers (PIN) during user login process.


Vehicle compatibility check

Verify a car’s eligibility before sending a user through the consent flow.



Bypass brand selection

Automatically skip brand selection if your application already knows the vehicle’s make.



Password reset flow

Incorporate a password reset flow into your application for each car brand.



Internationalization and localization (i18n)



Customer support

Email support

Phone support

Live chat support

Smartcar features based on the Smartcar Enterprise plan as of September, 2021

Otonomo features based on publicly available information via and as of September, 2021

Wejo features based on publicly available information via as of September, 2021

Leading brands trust Smartcar

Smartcar powers commercial apps and services for some of the world's leading mobility businesses.

Browse our customer stories

“We searched the globe for the right technology partner and found an industry-leading partner in Smartcar. Smartcar's team consists of innovative thinkers who push their own limits to provide more value for each use case.”

Michael Reth

CEO at Axiom Connected

“I was completely awestruck that Smartcar enables insurers to connect to over 161 million vehicles—a number that’s vastly superior to other solutions on the market. This is a huge step forward for the insurance telematics industry.”

Ryan Morrison

Founder and CEO at True Mileage

“We couldn’t think of an easier way to remotely monitor and manage our customers’ electric vehicles. The Smartcar platform is straightforward, easy to integrate with, and compatible across car brands.”

John Diklev

CEO and Founder at Flower

“Smartcar is making it easier than ever for us to build new and innovative mobility experiences with connected vehicles.”

Andre Haddad

CEO at Turo

“Not only does the Smartcar platform provide amazing technology, but their team also helped us integrate in just a few weeks, which enabled us to scale incredibly fast!”

Scott Case

CEO and Co-Founder at Recurrent

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