How to use the Smartcar API to manage EV charging

Although energy providers can communicate with EVs using Level 2 chargers, this dependency on charging hardware isn't frictionless for drivers.

  • Not all EV owners have Level 2 chargers at home.
  • EV chargers do not provide essential EV data like the vehicle’s state of charge.
  • Chargers require complex electrical installations, higher upfront costs, and strong WiFi connections for drivers.
  • Programs become inaccessible for residents in multi-unit housing who do not have dedicated Level 2 chargers.

In this guide, we explore how you can use the Smartcar API to streamline EV telematics integrations across makes and models, deliver proactive load control, and create a seamless user experience for program participants.

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Maximize EV telematics to enroll more drivers

Our guide to EV home energy management features real examples of how managed charging programs increase customer enrollment and engagement rates with our API. Download a copy to learn how to:

  • Retrieve up-to-date information from EVs during   and away charging.
  • Remotely control EV charging to balance demand and supply on the grid.
  • Connect to a majority of EVs on the road today.

What our customers say

“Integrating with the Smartcar platform saved us months, if not years of engineering work. Being able to use one API to increase our breadth of supported EVs is a huge benefit for us.”

Brian Grunkemeyer

CEO at FlexCharging

“Without Smartcar, the process of integrating with electric cars would have been long, cumbersome, and resource-intensive. A small team like ours wouldn’t be able to achieve this on their own.”

Shwan Lamei

CEO at Emulate

“We chose Smartcar’s vehicle APIs to augment our EV Everywhere product capabilities, advancing our mission of promoting sustainable energy solutions for the energy and transportation sectors.”

Devashish Paul

CEO at BluWave-ai

“When looking for an electric vehicle API provider, Smartcar was the only option to fit the bill. Instead of calling out to tons of different vehicle APIs, we only need to call out to one.”

Casey Donahue

Founder at Optiwatt

“Smartcar has enabled us to level up our EV Managed Charging platform for electric utilities by filling an important technology gap — connecting to the vehicle.”

Abhay Gupta

CEO and co-founder at Bidgely