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We're on a mission to enable anyone to build software that communicates with vehicles.


Power a future where web and mobile applications work seamlessly with all vehicles

People spend a lot of time in and around cars. Yet, even though cars are such a fundamental part of our daily lives, we remain deeply disconnected from them. For years, app developers (including many of our own engineers!) have lacked the tools to communicate with vehicles from web and mobile applications. We're on a mission to make mobility accessible for developers of all sizes — from the largest of enterprises to undergrads in dorm rooms.

Smartcar is an API platform that lets you communicate with vehicles (think “lock doors” or “check odometer”) with simple HTTP requests. We're building a platform that works with all makes and models of cars, without the need for hardware (like OBD dongles) or having to integrate with multiple car brands. Our goal is to make the automotive industry accessible for app developers, and we'd love for you to join us.


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