October 27, 2020

Smartcar and Zemtu partner to launch API-powered keyless car sharing solution

Charlotte Kosche

Sr. Content Writer

Smartcar is partnering with Austria-based car sharing software provider Zemtu to offer an API-powered keyless car sharing solution to businesses across Europe. Zemtu provides all-in-one software solutions to car sharing companies of all sizes. The new API-powered product allows businesses to offer keyless rentals without hardware while saving onboarding time and costs.

Zemtu offers seamless car sharing solutions

Car sharing companies use the Zemtu platform to build, operate, and offer their services without writing any code. Zemtu’s offerings include mobile apps, keyless booking features, seamless vehicle management, and customer support tools.

Smartcar allows Zemtu to go hardware-free

Zemtu is now launching its first API-powered solution in partnership with Smartcar. Instead of purchasing and installing a hardware device in each vehicle, car sharing businesses can connect vehicles with just four clicks from the Zemtu app.

Once a car is connected, Smartcar’s API allows renters to locate and unlock the vehicle directly from the Zemtu app. Zemtu also uses Smartcar to verify the car’s mileage after each trip and calculate how far the renter has traveled.

“Zemtu lowers the barriers to entry for new car sharing companies and enables established businesses to efficiently scale their services,” said Smartcar CEO Sahas Katta. “Similarly, Smartcar lowers the barriers to entry for developers like Zemtu. We allow them to quickly and easily integrate with cars and scale their integration without hardware costs.”

By making its car sharing solution hardware-free, Zemtu can offer companies an even more seamless experience. Businesses can onboard new cars in less than 30 seconds at no additional cost. Three of Zemtu’s partners—Caruso Carsharing, edrive, and Teilzeug—are already using the API-based product on eligible vehicles to complement their existing hardware-powered services.

“Smartcar is empowering us to launch the next generation of car sharing software,” said Zemtu CEO and CTO Dominik Bartenstein. “In a few years, every new car will feature built-in APIs. Smartcar is our one-stop solution to communicate with all of these cars in a single integration.”

Car sharing businesses across Europe can now apply for early access to the API-powered solution. Smartcar and Zemtu plan to make the product publicly available soon while expanding its coverage to further markets.

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