July 26, 2018

Office hour series: “Under the Hood” at Smartcar

Briana Richardson

Business Development

Welcome to Smartcar’s office hour series, "Under the Hood"!

Over the past three years, we’ve worked to create the connected car API that allows developers to communicate with vehicles through simple HTTP ‘get’ and ‘post’ commands. We would love for you to stop by to try out our tech (and have lunch on us)!

Today, ~60% of newly manufactured cars contain built-in telematics (e.g. 4G LTE, 3G) making it possible to access real-time vehicle data. But, developers hoping to build for these vehicles face the challenge of non-existent API documentation. That’s about to change — with Smartcar, you can start creating applications within just minutes.

The Smartcar API is here!

With our API, developers can access multiple vehicle brands in a single engineering effort without hardware additions. We support seven car brands and three endpoints: location, odometer, and lock/unlock. Today developers including on-demand car washing, fleet management, pay-per-mile insurance, and more are using Smartcar’s APIs.

Why come?

Smartcar puts developers first — we want to hear from you, get your feedback, and help you test drive our software. Whether you’re a professional in the automotive space, or a developer just getting started, we want to make using the Smartcar API easier for you.

At Under the Hood, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Try out our tech first-hand
  • Chat with our engineers and founding team
  • Check out our test fleet which includes more than one Tesla 😄
  • Nosh on some free food, of course 😉
  • Pick up some swag 🎁
  • And *maybe* even experience one of our unreleased product features

How to join?

Signing up is easy. Just get in touch and tell us about yourself (name, coding language, LinkedIn) to make sure we can match you with the right team member at lunch!

PS: Bring your computer on your visit so you can give our APIs a try!

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