Managing the impact of EVs on the electric grid

George Szundi

Director of Marketing

Rolling Energy Resources integrated with Smartcar to help utilities meet the increasing demand on the electric grid through managed EV charging.

Rolling Energy Resources (RER) is a subsidiary of Apex Analytics, an energy efficiency and demand response consulting firm based in Colorado. Through their work with smart thermostats and demand response programs, the Apex staff realized that connected electric vehicles (EV) could also provide a similar benefit for the electric grid. After overwhelmingly positive feedback from utilities, Scott Dimetrosky and Dr. Jon Koliner formed RER to focus solely on managing the electric load of EV charging.

EV adoption is accelerating

The need for managed EV charging couldn’t be timelier.

In the U.S., EV adoption is projected to grow from approximately 1 million vehicles to 20 million vehicles over the next ten years.

A few states have already pledged to end the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035. And nearly all major auto manufacturers have announced plans to electrify their lineups, with some analysts predicting over 100 EV models for sale by the end of 2024.

Electric grids are not ready

While the rapid growth of EVs presents a tremendous opportunity for utilities, it also poses a serious challenge to the electric grid.

Electricity demand fluctuates throughout the day, typically peaking in the early evening. If an increasing number of EV owners charge their vehicles during peak hours, it can overwhelm electric grids and force utilities to use “dirtier” energy sources to keep up with demand. In short, the impact of EVs on the grid largely depends on when vehicle owners charge their cars.

This is where Rolling Energy Resources comes in.

Smartcar helps RER balance the grid

RER provides demand response, time of use assistance, and EV monitoring services to utilities in the United States. This hardware-free solution connects EV telematics to utility-grid demand signals, allowing utilities to enhance grid resilience while reducing carbon emissions.

“Connecting to all the various electric vehicles on the market would have been a major effort,” said Scott Dimetrosky, CEO and Co-Founder of Rolling Energy Resources. “Smartcar gave us immediate access to a broad range of EV makes and models.”

Using Smartcar’s APIs, RER can directly control EV charging and monitor the battery state-of-charge. This lets utilities help their customers avoid charging during peak times and encourage charging during renewable peaks instead. RER’s platform also powers monthly reports, including behavioral campaigns to educate customers on their energy impact over time, and encourage peer EV adoption.

What results have RER seen?

🔌 Connectivity with 95% of EVs

⚡ 12+ contracts signed with utilities

🔋 30+ demand response events in the summer of 2022

“We work with major utilities throughout the U.S.,” said Katie Parkinson, VP of Utility Services at RER. “Smartcar lays the groundwork for RER to create actionable EV load research (when people charge, where they charge, and how much energy they consume), as well as behavioral load control and active load control interventions.”

With Smartcar, RER partners with utilities across 16 states in the US, giving it one of the largest geographic footprints of any load management company in the country.

📺 Here's Scott diving deeper into how RER and Smartcar work together!

In total, RER uses Smartcar’s odometer, state of charge, location, and charging status endpoints for EV research or load management programs. Utilities and project sponsors can view, in real-time, the charging load, location, and other characteristics of their EV driving customers registered on the RER platform.

According to Scott, “Smartcar gives us the peace of mind that a team of developers is working to maintain our access to EVs. This allows us to focus on our true value-add — effectively integrating EVs into the electric grid.”

Want to learn more about EV load management through onboard telematics? Visit Rolling Energy Resources if you’d like to request a demonstration or explore a potential pilot program.

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