February 28, 2019

How Nabobil uses Smartcar for their peer-to-peer car sharing app

Charlotte Kosche

Sr. Content Writer

Nabobil is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform based in Oslo, Norway. Their app connects private vehicle owners with folks looking to rent cars in the same neighborhood. Today, Nabobil is launching their integration with Smartcar. Here’s how and why the company uses our API.

Nabobil’s pain points

Previously, Nabobil’s car owners had to meet with renters to physically exchange keys before and after every car rental. This could be time-consuming and challenging, especially for vehicle owners who travelled and wanted to rent out their car more than once during that time. To make the car sharing experience easier and more seamless for users, Nabobil decided to integrate with Smartcar’s API.

“The integration with Smartcar’s API was uncomplicated, said Nabobil CTO Christian Hager. “The Smartcar team is service-minded and was happy to help out with the preparations necessary for us to succeed.”

Smartcar’s solution

Starting today, Nabobil’s Tesla owners can share digital keys with renters without the need to physically meet. Nabobil uses Smartcar’s security endpoint, allowing renters to lock and unlock their rental cars directly from the app. The company also uses Smartcar’s location endpoint, letting renters locate their rental cars via the app during pickup.

“This is next generation car sharing! The integration with Smartcar’s API is allowing us to onboard our big pool of Teslas already available on our platform,” said Nabobil CTO Christian Hager. “The rental experience is finally up to the standards our users expect, and we are super excited to see where we can move from here!”

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