November 27, 2019

Introducing the Smartcar iOS SDK v4

Allison Chen

Senior Software Engineer

We're excited to announce version 4 of the Smartcar iOS SDK. 🍏

Smartcar allows mobile and web apps to locate, unlock, and retrieve information from vehicles using simple API requests. Our new and revamped iOS SDK makes it easier than ever for iOS developers to launch the Smartcar Connect flow and to authorize vehicle owners. Here's what's new:

  • Upgraded to Swift 5
  • Supports the latest version of iOS 13
  • Supports all iOS devices (mobile and tablet)
  • Launches the Smartcar Connect flow safely and securely
  • Includes a user-friendly Getting started guide
  • Uses Authentication Services framework for iOS 12 and above; continues to support Safari Services for older versions of iOS
  • Smartcar's new AuthURL builder offers easier support for Smartcar Connect Match and Direct
  • Enhanced error handling ensures maximum conversions

Create a free Smartcar account and get started with our iOS SDK today. As always, please feel free to email me your questions and feedback.

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