January 7, 2020

Introducing the new and improved Smartcar dashboard

Kathleen Hsu

Product Designer

If you’ve logged into the Smartcar dashboard recently, you may have noticed that something looks different. Read on to get a glimpse of the design changes we made and our thinking behind them.

A few months ago, we rolled out a new brand that reflects our mission of empowering developers to build the future of mobility. We decided to start with a website revamp and to slowly introduce other parts of the new developer experience, allowing our customers to get used to the new design bit by bit.

Today, we’re proud to introduce the next step of our brand overhaul: the Smartcar dashboard. As we will add new functionalities in the coming months (stay tuned!), we thought it was time to update the dashboard’s visual identity.

The goal of this visual refresh is to ensure the best possible experience for our developers. We decided to keep it simple and focus on three major areas:

1. New, accessible colors 🎨

Usage page on the Smartcar dashboard

The first change you might notice when visiting the new Smartcar dashboard is its color scheme. We introduced a new teal shade as the primary color. While this shade stays similar to the light blue we previously used, it is more versatile and perfectly complements the bright red accents on our website. It also meets accessibility guidelines and improves readability and contrast.

2. Fresh yet familiar typeface 📝

Billing page on the Smartcar dashboard

Alongside the new color scheme, we updated the dashboard’s primary typeface to match our brand and website design. Ever since we introduced IBM’s Plex typeface on the Smartcar website, we’ve been big fans of its technical but friendly look. A combination of IBM Plex Mono for headings and IBM Plex Sans for body copy maintains a clear visual hierarchy throughout all dashboard components and creates a fresh yet familiar atmosphere for our developers.

3. Clear interactive elements 🖱️

Credentials page on the Smartcar dashboard

Finally, the new Smartcar dashboard features clearer, more visible interactive elements that make the interface more dynamic and easier to navigate. Interactive elements such as links, buttons, and menu items now stand out from the rest thanks to their distinct teal color and hover effects. We also added text labels next to icon buttons to clarify different actions, making the dashboard easy to use right from day one.

Now it’s your turn! Log into the dashboard or sign up for a Smartcar account to check out the new and improved experience. I hope that you’ll enjoy the new design and that you'll find the interface pleasant to navigate and use. Most importantly, please let me know your thoughts and feedback. I’d love to hear from you!

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