March 19, 2020

Introducing Smartcar Connect 2.2

Jia Guo

Software Engineer II

Today, we're proud to launch a number of exciting updates to our Smartcar Connect authorization flow. Version 2.2 of Smartcar Connect features an informative progress bar, simpler navigation, and detailed account setup instructions for vehicle owners.

Developers can embed Smartcar Connect into their web portal or mobile app to let car owners opt into sharing specific vehicle telemetry. Car owners select their vehicle brand, log in with their connect services account, and review and accept a detailed list of exactly which information they will be sharing.

Smartcar Connect 2.2 makes it even easier for car owners to link their vehicle to an app:

1. Informative progress bar

When logging in with their connected services account, vehicle owners now see an informative progress bar. This new feature allows car owners to understand what happens while the page is loading and how far along they are in the process.

2. Simpler navigation

Vehicle owners are now able to navigate through Smartcar Connect more effortlessly, regardless the type of device they are using. If a car owner accidentally clicks on the wrong vehicle brand, our new "back" button allows them to easily return to the brand selector screen.

3. Detailed account setup instructions

Vehicle owners that don't yet have a connected services account can now view detailed instructions on how to set up an account for their respective car brand.

All of these changes make Smartcar Connect 2.2 even friendlier and easier to use for vehicle owners. As always, developers don't need to take any action to update their application with this new version of Smartcar Connect. Changes will automatically appear as vehicle owners launch Smartcar Connect on their device.

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