November 7, 2019

Introducing Smartcar Connect 2.1

Allison Chen

Senior Software Engineer

Today, we're excited to introduce Smartcar Connect 2.1. This new version of Smartcar Connect features faster user onboarding and an easier developer integration.

Smartcar Connect lets your users link their vehicles to your application. Our newly updated version includes new features and optimizations that offer a more convenient experience for your app users and your developers:

Faster onboarding with new search bar

The "Select your brand" step now features a brand-new search bar. This allows your users to quickly find their car brand instead of having to look through a list. To perfect the experience, our autosuggest function displays the names of matching car brands while the user is typing. Thanks to those features, your app users will:

  • Move through Smartcar Connect much quicker
  • Benefit from a streamlined, optimized experience
  • Be more willing complete the flow from start to finish
Smartcar Connect's new car brand selection step features a user-friendly search bar.

Easier developer integration

Smartcar Connect 2.1 also includes a number of updates and optimizations that make it easier to integrate into your application. Starting today, Smartcar Connect is:

  • Set to automatically update with new compatible brands
  • Compatible with all Smartcar Connect SDKs
  • Responsive for all screen sizes (mobile, tablet, and web)
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Updated with more granular error reporting

If you have already integrated Smartcar Connect into your application, you won't need to take any action to receive the updated version. To start integrating for the first time, head to our docs and choose one of our Smartcar Connect SDKs to get started.

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