July 28, 2020

Introducing the EV start and stop charge API (early access)

Ashwin Kumar Subramanian

Engineering Manager

Today, we’re excited to announce the Smartcar electric vehicle start and stop charge API. ⚡

Smartcar allows mobile and web applications to easily integrate with their customers’ vehicles. Our new start and stop charge API endpoint enables EV charging and utility apps to remotely start and stop charging an electric vehicle using simple API requests.

Start & stop charging EVs with simple API requests

Initiating the start or stop of a vehicle’s charging session is as easy as a single API request. Here’s how to start charging your customer’s vehicle using Node.js:

Build smart charging solutions and power demand response programs

The Smartcar start and stop charge API helps EV charging businesses as well as electric utility and energy companies with a variety of use cases.

  • 🔋 Start and stop charging in an app. Allow your customers to start and stop charging their vehicle with the press of a button inside your EV charging or electric utility app.
  • 📆 Create charging schedules. Let your customers create recurring vehicle charging schedules. Automatically start and stop charging a vehicle at the selected times every day.
  • 💡 Build smart charging solutions. Monitor a vehicle’s state of charge and estimated charging time using the Smartcar EV battery API. Automatically start charging when electricity prices are lowest and carbon offsets are largest.
  • 🚀 Offer demand response programs. Reward your customers for allowing your application to automatically start and stop charging vehicles to efficiently manage electric grid load.

The benefits of using Smartcar

There are several benefits to using the Smartcar start and stop charge API.

  • Direct vehicle integration. Smartcar is the first API that allows you to integrate directly with your customers’ vehicles instead of having to integrate with different EV chargers. With Smartcar, your application can communicate with your customer’s vehicle anytime, even while it isn’t plugged into an EV charging station.
  • Extensive set of API endpoints. Apart from the new start and stop charge API, Smartcar offers a range of API endpoints that allow your application to retrieve the state of charge, charging status, remaining range, and other information from an electric vehicle. See a complete list of our API endpoints.
  • User-friendly, instant, and reliable. Our extensive documentation and SDKs make integrating Smartcar fast and easy. Once integrated, your customers appreciate the simple Smartcar Connect onboarding flow, while your engineering team is able to obtain instant and accurate information from vehicles.

Starting today, Smartcar customers can request early access to the start and stop charge API. If you aren’t a customer and would like to learn more about Smartcar, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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