September 29, 2020

Smartcar and eDRV partner to let EV owners charge without a mobile app

Charlotte Kosche

Sr. Content Writer

Smartcar is partnering with the EV charging management platform eDRV to launch Plug & Go, an EV charging management solution that lets vehicle owners plug in their cars and charge without using their phones.

eDRV’s open management platform allows businesses to deploy EV charging networks for multi-family homes, workplaces, commercial units, and fleets. The new Plug & Go solution offers the first app-less charging experience to owners of a wide range of EV models. Plug & Go uses Smartcar’s APIs to identify charging vehicles without the need for a mobile app, allowing car owners to plug in their cars and automatically start charging.

eDRV makes operating EV charging stations easy

Multi-family homes, workplaces, commercial units, and fleets use the eDRV platform to deploy and manage EV charging stations, regardless of the manufacturer. eDRV’s technology allows businesses to customize their EV charging network and integrate it into their building management system. For example, workplaces and retail locations can customize their network to only let employees and customers charge their vehicles.

Smartcar powers eDRV’s new app-less solution

Thanks to its partnership with Smartcar, eDRV now offers an even more seamless on-site charging experience to owners of a wide range of EV models. Plug & Go is the company’s first app-less solution for operators of home, commercial, and fleet charging networks.

Regardless of the type of charger, EV owners can plug in their car and leave it to charge at their apartment, workplace, or retail location. eDRV uses Smartcar’s APIs to identify the vehicle and automatically start charging it without the need for a mobile app or a physical card.

“It’s exciting to see how the Smartcar platform can benefit a product like Plug & Go,” said Smartcar CEO Sahas Katta. “We’re glad to be a part of this level of innovation in the EV space.”

Before using a Plug-&-Go-powered charging network for the first time, EV owners sign up on the eDRV website and connect their vehicle with just four clicks. Then, whenever the car owner plugs their EV into a charging station, eDRV verifies the vehicle’s identity by retrieving its location and VIN using Smartcar’s APIs. If the identification is successful, eDRV uses Smartcar to start charging the car and monitor its state of charge, range, and charging status.

“Smartcar gives us an easy and secure way to access information directly from the vehicle,” said eDRV CEO and Co-Founder Bhaskar Deol. “Combining vehicle and charging station data allows eDRV to offer unparalleled functionality to the owners of charging networks. By letting us verify a car’s location, VIN, and battery level as well as triggering the car to start charging automatically, Smartcar allows us to offer the most seamless experience to EV drivers.”

Plug & Go will become available for Tesla drivers charging on eDRV network locations in the United States and the United Kingdom later this year, with plans to include other electric vehicles and countries soon.

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