How many connected cars are sold worldwide?

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Since 2014, more and more vehicles have featured embedded cellular modems, allowing them to connect to the internet. In this post, we’ll answer how many connected cars were sold globally in 2020 and how this number is expected to grow over the next five years.

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30 million connected cars sold globally in 2020

According to ABI Research, 30 million new connected vehicles were sold in 2020, making up around 41% of new car sales worldwide.

Pie chart showing the 30 million connected cars were sold globally in 2020, making up 41% of all new cars sold worldwide.
In 2020, 30 million new connected vehicles were sold worldwide (Sources: ABI Research, IEA)

115 million connected cars to be sold in 2025

Every year, vehicle manufacturers equip more of their models with internet-connectivity. ABI research expects sales of connected cars to reach 115 million globally in 2025—almost four times as much as in 2020.

Bar chart showing a bar for 30 million connected cars sold globally in 2020 and another bar for 115 million connected cars expected to be sold globally in 2025.
Sales of connected cars are expected to increase more than four-fold in the next five years. (Source: ABI Research)

91% of new car sales in the U.S. are connected

The United States was the country with the largest percentage of connected vehicles sold last year. Of all passenger cars sold in the country in 2020, around 91% were connected. That’s over 13 million connected vehicles sold in the U.S. alone.

Bar chart showing that in 2020, 13 million connected cars were sold in the United States, making up 91% of all new vehicle sales in the country.
In 2020, 91% of new cars sold in the United States were connected cars. (Sources: ABI Research, Marklines)

Integrating with connected cars

Businesses of all sizes use Smartcar to integrate their products with connected vehicles. Car sharing marketplaces use our APIs to enable contactless rentals. Auto insurance providers charge their customers by the mile. Electric utilities offer smart EV charging solutions that help balance the grid.

Smartphone screen showing a map with a vehicle's location as well as a lock button, and unlock button, the vehicle's mileage, and the vehicle's battery level.
The car sharing marketplace Turo uses Smartcar to offer contactless rentals to their customers.

The Smartcar platform was compatible with 70% of new cars sold in 2020. Just like the number of connected vehicles on the road, the number of Smartcar-compatible cars keeps increasing every year.

To learn more about our APIs for connected cars, schedule a free demo today. If you have any questions, feedback, or just need help getting started, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success team.

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