August 6, 2022

New at Smartcar: We’re now compatible with Peugeot!

Winona Rajamohan

Content Marketing Manager

This month, we’re announcing an update to our list of compatible brands, an additional vehicle model, and a new endpoint for Hyundai vehicles. Keep reading to learn how your app can use these new features to serve vehicle owners better.

Smartcar for Peugeot

We’re back with another brand update this month. This time, we’re announcing our API’s new compatibility with one of the best-selling car brands in Europe — Peugeot!

It’s been a good year so far for the French automaker, which has announced that it will have a full-electric lineup in Europe coming 2030.

Peugeot’s most popular vehicle, the 208 small car, recorded sales of 20% for its electric model, the e-208. Shortly after, the brand revealed it’s increasing the e-208’s driving range by 7% to hit 225 miles.

If your business serves Peugeot vehicle owners, we’re excited to bring you our most requested API endpoints. You can now access vehicle data for odometer readings, vehicle attributes, VIN, EV battery levels, EV charging status, and start/stop charge.

Today, Smartcar for Peugeot is compatible with the following models:

Start and stop charge now available for Hyundai

Tesla still leads the way in EV sales, but this year we’re seeing other brands deliver more electric vehicles than Tesla did in its first decade.

One of the more notable EV brands this year is Hyundai. Joseph Yoon, an analyst from Edmunds, tells Bloomberg that “from an EV perspective, they’re really just kind of cleaning the floor.”

Smartcar is currently compatible with over 20 Hyundai models, including the best-selling Ioniq 5. Apps use our API to securely access data like EV battery levels and EV charging status from a growing number of Hyundai vehicles.

With the release of a start and stop charge endpoint for Hyundai, you can now remotely control a vehicle’s state of charge for your EV managed charging use case.

Smartcar customers can contact their respective Customer Success Manager to get started with this functionality.

Two new brand-specific endpoints for Tesla

Smartcar's brand-specific endpoints give you more granular data for select brands while enjoying our Standard API's benefits.

We've added more endpoints for Tesla:

  • GET /tesla/compass
  • GET /tesla/speedometer

Check out our API reference for a full list of Tesla-specific endpoints!

Compatibility with Toyota GR86

If you haven’t heard of the GR86, it’s been called the lightest sports car on the market — but it’s built for everyday roads with a more driver-friendly price point.

Owners of the Toyota GR86 can now use Smartcar to let your app access highly-requested data like odometer, tire pressure, and fuel tank readings, as well as the ability to lock and unlock car doors remotely.

Test your apps with Vehicle Test Simulator  

Have you heard about our new Vehicle Test Simulator?

If not, here’s the rundown: It’s an app testing feature that lets you simulate live trips and receive real-time API data (no physical test vehicles involved)!

To start simulating a live trip, follow these three steps:

  1. Select a vehicle from any Smartcar-compatible brand
  2. Select a trip from one of our four pre-configured trip types — day commute, short trip, long trip, or parked
  3. Connect your app with Smartcar Connect

You know the drill! Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you’d like to use Vehicle Test Simulator for your next release.

Get started today

To catch up on more product announcements, read our last product update and our breakdown of the Vehicle Test Simulator.

Get in touch with your Customer Success manager if you’re a Smartcar customer interested in using these new features now!

If you’re new to Smartcar and are working on an exciting mobility app or service, contact our team to explore what our developer platform can do for you.

Vehicle brands, logos, and model names belong to their respective trademark holders and do not indicate endorsement or affiliation with Smartcar.

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