November 6, 2019

The benefits of APIs for GPS tracking

Charlotte Kosche

Sr. Content Writer

GPS tracking is an important feature for all fleet management software products, but finding the right solution to offer the feature can be difficult. The Smartcar API allows fleet management software companies to integrate vehicle location tracking into their product easily and without hardware.

There are a number of benefits to using a car API instead of aftermarket hardware devices for GPS tracking. Let us outline which features the Smartcar API has to offer and how fleet management software companies have benefited from this solution.

Location tracking with the Smartcar API

Smartcar allows fleet management applications to communicate directly with the embedded telematics that is built into most new vehicles. It offers a range of API endpoints that fleet management software companies can integrate into their products.


Our location API endpoint allows mobile and web apps to locate vehicles by latitude and longitude.

Other information and actions

In addition to location tracking, Smartcar offers a number of API endpoints that are useful in addition to GPS tracking features. If your fleet management software product wants to be able to read the odometer, fuel tank level, and EV battery level from vehicles or even lock and unlock vehicle doors, our API is the right solution for you.

The benefits for fleet management software

Compared to alternatives like GPS tracking devices and OBD-II dongles, using APIs for GPS tracking brings a number of benefits.

Easy to integrate with

Integrating Smartcar’s API into a fleet management software product takes just a few hours of engineering work. Our detailed documentation and SDKs in seven languages make the API easy to integrate into a mobile or web app with any application architecture.


Our standardized API works on cars across 15 vehicle brands in the United States.


API technology helps fleet management software companies eliminate upfront costs and lower maintenance costs.

Simple onboarding

Onboarding a new customer’s fleet takes just a few minutes from any mobile or web app. Fleet management companies don’t need to hire local installers to install devices in every vehicle or teach fleet owners how to perform the installation themselves.


The Smartcar API is the first and only solution that allows companies to retrieve information directly from a vehicle. Our API responses are the most accurate on the market, because they don’t depend on inferred data and third party devices.


Without hardware aftermarket, there is no need to worry about empty batteries or malfitted, fallen, or lost devices. In that regard, our technology is more reliable from a software standpoint, but also easier to handle and cheaper to maintain.


Similarly to its reliability, API technology is resistant to fraud and tampering. Fleet managers and drivers aren't able to deliberately remove devices to distort or hide information. This makes the fleet management software product more accurate and reliable overall.


Finally, the Smartcar API offers fleet management software companies the chance to be 100% transparent about their product. When onboarding a new fleet, fleet owners see exactly which permissions the fleet management software product is requesting access to (e.g. read location, read odometer, and read fuel tank level). This builds empowerment and trust between fleet management software companies and their customers.

This is how fleet management software companies benefit from using APIs as a GPS tracking solution.

To learn more about how your fleet management software company can use Smartcar’s technology, check out our website and schedule a demo. We’re happy to chat!

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